POLY Release
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LCD TV 123

The Real POLYTRON Sound

LCD TV 123

Get the shock From Polytron LCD 123

Winner of Semarak DVD POLYTRON

Hadiah POLYTRON untuk Pemenang Undian Semarak DVD POLYTRON


Polytron Semakin Dekat Dengan Konsumen

 * Mini Loudspeaker with Power of Maxi
Sponsoring Kejurnas Drag Race Seri II Sentul

Polytron sponsoring Kejurnas Drag Race Seri II Sentul International Circuit, Indonesia

Polytron increase their DVD Players sales

“Semarak DVD Polytron”.

Polytron ICSA 2009

Get appreciation of Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award 2009 for the category of audio

Service Center spreads all 50 cities

PT Hartono Istana Teknologi provide Center of Service Center residing in 50 cities in all Indonesia

Polytron again won The First GfK Award

Closed the highest sales of Portable Cassette and Radio Recorder in 2008

Polytron increase Sales of MiniMax

Polytron, increasing the sale of Minimax through roadshow in shopping centre in Jakarta.

Support National Circuit Badminton 2009

Polytron Supports National Circuit Badminton 2009

Polytron Reach for TOP BRAND AWARD

Polytron, success obtain and get appreciation of TOP BRAND AWARD for the category of DVD Player

Polytron Participate Ritech Expo 2009

Polytron Participate Ritech Expo 2009 organized by the Ministry of Research and Technology

Polytron Marketed TV DIGNITY

First Digital Television in Indonesia

Polytron Launched TV L SIDI

Target sales of tens of thousands of units during the quarter II 2009